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UK House of Lords rejects 42-day detention

13 October 2008

The House of Lords rejected proposals on Monday that would allow the period of pre-charge detention in terrorism cases to be extended up to 42 days. 

Libyan prisoner of conscience released

10 October 2008

Arrested for trying to organize a peaceful demonstration critical of the Libyan government, Idriss Boufayed has been released on humanitarian grounds, after being diag

Amnesty International salutes Nobel Peace Laureate, 2008

10 October 2008

Martti Ahtisaari has been recognized for his important work around the world in conflict resolution in places where grave human rights abuses were taking place.

Prominent Egyptian editor pardoned

8 October 2008

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has pardoned Ibrahim Eissa, who was charged with publishing information considered "damaging to the public interest and Egypt's

Pro-democracy activists in Syria face 15 years in prison

8 October 2008

Twelve people are charged with "weakening national sentiment" for attending a meeting of the Damascus Declaration for Democratic National Change.

Video: Anna Politkovskaya remembered, danger for activists continues in Russia

7 October 2008

Two years after the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, human rights activists and journalists are still at risk in the Russian Federation, in particula

Human rights violations in cities around the world

6 October 2008

As World Habitat Day focuses on the state of the housing rights situation across the globe, here are case studies from cities in Cambodia, Brazil, Italy, Israel and An

Angola bad choice to host World Habitat Day

6 October 2008

The choice of the Angolan capital Luanda to lead the global observance of this year's World Habitat Day provoked controversy among housing and human rights organizat

No truth, no justice 40 years after Mexico City massacre

2 October 2008

Forty years ago, the Mexican army opened fire on students peacefully demonstrating in Tlatelolco, Mexico City, on 2 October 1968.

How to Apply Human Rights Standards to Arms Transfer Decisions

1 October 2008

In order to achieve a more effective regulation of the international arms trade, all international transfers of conventional weaponry, munitions and equipment should be carried out in accordance with states’ legal obligations. All states have obligations under international human rights law applicable to transfers of conventional arms. The purpose of this document is to assist states and regional organisations in applying their human rights obligations. It proposes guidelines for assessing the risk of a proposed transfer being used for serious violations of human rights.

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