Stand up for peaceful protesters in Thailand

Authorities in Thailand are carrying out a long-running crackdown on young peaceful demonstrators. More than 600 young men, women and children face long prison sentences simply for peacefully protesting, whilst police used excessive and unlawful force to disperse them. Take action and protect their rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly now. 

Student and youth protesters have participated in mass demonstrations for reform in Thailand since July 2020.  One year on, hundreds face criminal proceedings, of up to one year. Dozens have been detained for lengthy periods and contracted COVID-19 in detention. Police have increasingly used excessive or indiscriminate force to disperse protests. 

Authorities prohibit public gatherings under emergency laws invoked to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. They are taking legal action against young people who are protesting or commenting online on issues raised in the protests.  

Sign to make sure governments do not use COVID-19 and national security as an excuse to unnecessarily take away our rights. We must stand in solidarity to protect the right to peaceful protest. With your signatures, the Thai government will no longer be able to ignore us. 

Take action to defend peaceful protesters in Thailand.