Protect Children’s Rights in Thailand

Stop the crackdown now!

Four years after an official crackdown on mass protests led by children and young people grabbed global headlines, Thai authorities are still punishing child human rights defenders simply for defending and peacefully exercising their rights.  Officials have targeted at least 286 children with criminal and civil charges.  

Everyone, including children, has the rights to speak out and protest peacefully. 

Show your support  for human rights and call on the Thai government to end their crackdown on children.  

Followed by police when they go out. Fearful of what criminal prosecution and prison sentences for decades and fines could mean for their future. Stigmatised.  Detained to stop them speaking out and standing up for their beliefs. Tried in court in secret, with the courtroom doors closed. Targeted by the government for peacefully protesting and sharing their opinions.  

Children in Thailand are facing an ordeal just for acting on their curiosity and passion for participating in public life. For putting themselves on the line to make a difference in their own or other’s lives.  

They have the right to protest. To voice their opinions, to peaceful assembly.  To participate and contribute to the political, economic, social and cultural life of their society. Young people are the leaders of today – protecting and encouraging their and other young people’s participation and empowerment in public life is a global priority.  

The Thai government has committed to protect children’s rights, including their ability to speak out and take part in peaceful protest. Now it must ensure  children can do so.  There must be an end to the prosecution, harassment and restrictions that jeopardise young futures and burden their present.  

Stand up young people in Thailand and send the  government the message that children’s rights matter, everywhere.   

We call on Thai authorities to protect children’s rights to peaceful assembly and expression, and to urgently drop criminal charges and end harassment against them.