Ask the leaders of the Americas to take action to end repression

“He asked me to do 50 pushups, when I was about to do them, he hit me, he threw me to the ground, and I was shot twice”. A young man from El Salvador recalls what happened to him after police stopped him because he was not at home during the COVID-19 quarantine.  

Historically, the governments of the Americas have had difficulty leading their countries without using repressive measures against the population.  

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, these acts of repression have resurfaced in many countries including the United States and Chile. They have also resulted in new types of repressive and overreaching measures in the name of “protecting people from COVID-19.” Amnesty International has recorded human rights violations in quarantine centers in el Salvador and Paraguay, tens of thousands of arbitrary detentions in Dominican Republic, and excessive use of force in Venezuela, Mexico, and Argentina. The effects of repressive measures are exacerbated by discrimination and inequality.  

The world after COVID-19 needs to change. There is no longer room for abuse in the Americas. It’s time to build a future without repression.  

Sign now to ask leaders of the countries in the Americas to end repression by meeting in the regional forums and taking concrete measures to find solutions across the region. #RepressionIsNotProtection