Companies and governments must stand up for people in Myanmar

Since the Myanmar military’s coup on 1 February 2021, nearly 16,000 people have been arrested, over 700,000 forced from their homes, and this July the military resumed executions. 

Another 2,391 men, women and children have been killed – including by unlawful air strikes. These air attacks have sparked widespread fear, displaced entire communities in conflict-affected areas and destroyed homes, religious buildings, schools and medical facilities. 

Without aviation fuel, the Myanmar military would not be able to conduct their air attacks. Yet companies have continued to be involved by supplying, insuring, financing and transporting aviation fuel despite the risks of that fuel being diverted or directly provided to the Myanmar military. 

Here’s our plan. If these businesses know that more and more people like you are watching, then together we can disrupt the flow of fuel used in air strikes and save lives in Myanmar. 

Governments also have a duty to protect against human rights abuses everywhere. That’s why we are also calling on governments to act now and ensure that companies headquartered in their countries are not linked or contribute to human rights abuses through the supply chain of aviation fuel to the Myanmar military.  

Sign now – Ask companies and governments across the globe to help end the bloody oppression by the military in Myanmar.  

Remind businesses operating or intending to invest in Myanmar of their responsibility to respect human rights, including the need to assess the adverse human rights impact of their operations and partnerships.  

Urge governments around the world to:  

  • Take further action to stop the flow of all arms and other resources used to commit violations to the Myanmar military.   
  • Increase diplomatic pressure, including at the UN Security Council and UN General Assembly, to stop the Myanmar military’s human rights violations and to hold perpetrators accountable;  
  • Request the member states of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to call for the release of all individuals unlawfully detained by the Myanmar military, establish a clear timeline of ASEAN’s implementation of the Five Point Consensus, and support UN actions. 
  • Increase humanitarian assistance to the people in or fleeing Myanmar who face the combined impacts of Covid-19, as well as the post-coup crackdown on the protest movement and intensification of armed conflicts.