Colombia: Raising your voice is not a crime, it’s a right!

Call on the Colombian government to reform the National Police and protect the rights of protesters in Colombia.

On 28 April 2021, thousands of people took to the streets in various Colombian cities to demand their rights. Women, young people, human rights defenders and LGBTIQ+ people led the protests with courage and determination, seeking a better future.

Instead of listening to them, the Colombian state, through its security forces, used less lethal weapons to deprive young people partially or totally of their sight, the damage to their eyesight is something they will live with for the rest of their lives. Officials also took advantage of the situation when dispersing demonstrations; as women and LGBTIQ+ people in the crowd were fleeing and trying to protect themselves from tear gas and gunfire, they molested them, insulted them and raped them. This cannot happen again. There must be comprehensive reform of the police! No one’s body should be abused , tortured or attacked to silence the demands of those wanting a better country!

Please send a message to the Colombian government and demand that it move forward with police reform in a participatory and inclusive way so that people can raise their voices without fear and with rights!