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Defend peaceful protesters in Thailand

Young demonstrators and activists in Thailand are at risk as authorities escalate their crackdown on peaceful protests. Take action and protect their rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly now.

Amid peaceful student-led protests calling for political reform and an end to state harassment of government critics, the Thai police are arresting many students and activists, who may face years behind bars, simply for peacefully gathering.

Since protests gained momentum in October, police have detained dozens of individuals for attending peaceful demonstrations. Earlier this year, Thai authorities had also filed charges against many individuals for peaceful protest or sharing their views online. In the name of national security and peace and order, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha issued “severe emergency” restrictions on October 15. The next evening, the Thai police repeatedly used water cannons in attempts to disperse thousands of people who were peacefully gathering. The police confirmed that the water contained irritants and blue dye which they said was “to mark protesters for further legal action.” Reports of new arrests and detention continue to rise.

Let’s make sure governments do not use concerns about national security and public safety to unnecessarily take away our rights. We must stand in solidarity with others to resist repression.

Take action to defend peaceful protesters in Thailand.

Public outrage against the draconian “severe emergency” restrictions seems to have led to their lifting on 22 October. We need you to now urge authorities to drop charges and release people targeted for solely exercising their rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, and stop cracking down on peaceful protestors.