Ban The Scan

It is time to call for an end to technologies of mass surveillance – it is intrusive, oppressive & racist. Sign the petition and call for a ban now. 

Around the world, facial recognition technologies are being used to stifle protest and harass minority communities. These systems violate the right to privacy, threaten the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly & expression, and to equality and non-discrimination. Tech companies develop facial recognition technology by scraping millions of images from social media profiles and other databases such as driver’s license registries, without our knowledge and consent.

Law enforcement agencies use this software in combination with CCTV to search for potential matches. Black and minority communities are most at risk of being misidentified and falsely arrested – in some instances, facial recognition has been 95% inaccurate. Even when it “works”, officers can be quick to target and harass protestors. Without action, facial recognition technology and its dangerous effects, are going to become a normal part of life.  

World governments must acknowledge and act to protect the rights of citizens across the globe. We must call on our governments to prevent in the development, sales or usage of this technology. A ban on the export of facial recognition systems to other countries will help billions feel safer in their communities. Facial recognition must be stopped in its tracks. We must fight for a global ban on facial recognition technologies that are used for mass and discriminatory targeted surveillance.

Sign the petition and demand that governments of the world call for a global ban on facial recognition technology now.