“It was a work incident”

On 13 July, dozens of Angolans took to the streets of Luanda to protest against the murder of another young boy in Luanda municipality. José Quiocama Manuel, 25 years old, popularly known as Cleide, a moto-taxi driver, was on his way to a friend’s house after finishing work that evening in the Prenda neighborhood. According to testimonies to Amnesty International and OMUNGA, it was around 12 am when people started to scream that “the police were coming”. Cleide and Maurício José Isabel Mucongo, a 16 years old boy, tried to hide but a police officer had already fired his gun. Maurício was shot in the shoulder and survived. Cleide was shot and died immediately.

It was a work incident, the colleague was working and within the scope of the inspection of compliance with COVID-19 preventive measures, a group of young people, in Prenda, rose against the police, and in an attempt to push the group away, the colleague accidentally fired, killing one of them.

Nestor Goubel, spokesperson of the provincial command of the National Police of Luanda, referring to the killing of Cleide at a press conference on 13 July