A “drunk” police officer chased and shot young soccer player

Altino Holandês Afonso, affectionately called Hernani, was a 15 years old student and soccer player at the Interlocal sports club. On 5 June 2020, at around 8 pm, Altino took his shower and went to his family’s canteen to say hello to his grandmother and his auntie, just nearby his home. Minutes later, they heard the police shooting possibly to disperse people from the streets. Immediately, his aunt hid behind the canteen counter, while Altino ran to get into his auntie’s home. Witnesses told Amnesty International and OMUNGA that a police officer chased him and shot Altino when he was just in front of the house’s door. Altino was brought to the hospital but died moments later. Witnesses of the murder told Amnesty International and OMUNGA that the agent who shot Altino was drunk. The police officer is in preventive detention awaiting formal charges and trial.