Israel and the Occupied Territories: Zaher Nafedh Mahmud Abu Sakha – Administrative detention

The above-named, from Jenin on the West Bank, was issued with a six-month administrative detention order on 7 August 1990. This is his third period in detention. At the appeal against the order in November 1990, it was alleged that Zaher Abu Sakha was an active member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and that he had committed various public order offences. His order was reduced by one week. According to medical reports, Zaher Abu Sakha suffers from bone cancer in his left frontal sinus: his doctor has stated that his life will be endangered if he is not operated upon. Amnesty International does not yet know if Zaher Abu Sakha is a prisoner of conscience and is concerned that he may not have been given an adequate opportunity to challenge the detention order.

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