Iran: UA 346/88 – Iran: Fear of Execution

Index Number: MDE 13/034/1988

Since July, Amnesty International has recorded the names of hundreds of political prisoners, members or supporters of many opposition factions, executed or in danger of execution in Iran. Among them are prisoners of conscience, prisoners serving sentences of imprisonment, or whose terms of imprisonment have been expired without their being released, and prisoners who had never been tried or sentenced. The organization has now received reports that the 23 prisoners named below are among those at risk of execution. The names reported are: Mohammad Ali Alikhah, Ahmad Mohtashemi, Nematollah Amir Shekari, Mohamad Ali Allah-Verdi, Tajodin Yavarian, Mohammad Reza Nikfar, Mohammad Reza Shariati, Ghassem Hassan-zadeh, Batool Maleki, Abbass Salehi, Mostafa Gholam Nejad, Afrassiab Esmaeili, Leila Lagheid, Ardevan Sehat, Fazieh Allah-Verdi, Asghar Khabari, Hadi Jalalian, Mohammad Safari, Hassan Sekhavat, Hushang Maleki, Jamshid Adeli, Rajab Ali Razi, Shahrokh Noori.

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