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Medical letter writing action: Iran: Nezameddin Movahed

, N° d'index: MDE 13/002/1992

Nezameddin Movahed is a 74-year-old prisoner of conscience, one of a group arrested in June 1990 after signing an open letter to President Rafsanjani. He was sentenced to three years' imprisonment and 30 lashes in August 1991 (the lashes have so far not been inflicted). Mr Movahed is currently in hospital receiving treatment for coronary heart disease, arthrosis of the spinal column and knees and a prostatic enlargement. The authorities have requested his return to Evin Prison in Tehran, despite his condition. Amnesty International fears that this may be imminent and is considerably concerned, given his age and state of health. The organization is appealing urgently for his release.

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