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Turkey: Fear of torture: Ramazan Avsar, Sait Avsar, Ilhan Avsar, Sedat Avsar, Hasip Avsar

, N° d'index: EUR 44/051/1995

Sedat Avsar and Hasip Avsar were detained on 7 March 1995. Both are cousins of Serif Avsar, who was abducted and killed, allegedly by members of the security forces, in April 1994. Both Sedat and Hasip Avsar were both reported to have gunshot wounds before being detained. They were reportedly taken to Diyarbakir for questioning and on 10 April they were taken to the house of their aunt, Serif Avsar's mother. On that occasion it was reported that they were "not in good health". The other three men named above, also cousins of Serif Avsar, were detained on 11 April 1995 in Mersin, following threats against the family in Diyarbakir. They are thought to be held incommunicado in Mersin Police headquarters. AI fears that the five men may be being interrogated under torture.

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