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Further information on UA 330/93 (ASA 25/35/93, 17 September; and follow-up ASA 25/36/93, 24 September) - South Korea: ill-treatment / possible prisoners of conscience: Kim Sam-sok, Kim Un-ju

, N° d'index: ASA 25/037/1993

Kim Sam-sok and Kim Un-ju, arrested on 8 September, were interrogated by the Agency for National Security Planning (ANSP) from 8 to 22 September. They are now being questioned by prosecutors. They have not yet been formally charged. On 7 October Kim Sam-sok described to his lawyer the ill- treatment to which he had been subjected by the ANSP, which was used in order to force him to "confess" to charges he says are false, and to put his thumbprint on a statement which was not his own. There is also concern at reports that his sister Kim Un-ju was also subjected to ill-treatment and may have been forced to sign a confession. The two prisoners may face an unfair trial and lengthy prison sentences as prisoners of conscience.

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