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South Korea: Appeal for the release of human rights activist Noh Tae-hun

, N° d'index: ASA 25/032/1993

Noh Tae-hun, a 30-year-old human rights activist and prisoner of conscience, was arrested on 15 July by officers of the Security Division of the National Police Administration under the National Security Law. The warrant for his arrest was incorrect and when his lawyer and a colleague urged the police to follow the correct procedures, they were themselves threatened and beaten. From 15 July to 24 July he was subjected to long periods of interrogation, threats and sleep deprivation, and for most of this time, his lawyers were unable to meet him in private. Noh Tae-hun is a key member of the recently established umbrella group KONUCH, Korean NGO Network for the World Conference on Human Rights, and has also worked with Minkahyop, STIK and Sarangbang. He is currently held in Seoul prison, and has been refused bail.

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