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UA 200/93 - People's Republic of China: medical concern / fear of ill- treatment: Ren Wanding

, N° d'index: ASA 17/027/1993

In a letter sent to the UN World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna on 16 June 1993, Zhang Fengying, the wife of Ren Wanding, a human rights activist jailed in China since 1989, has asked the United Nations to consider his plight. She is concerned that her husband may be placed in solitary confinement, following his mistreatment by prison guards after he had requested to see his medical file. Ren Wanding, whose health has deteriorated considerably since his imprisonment, believes that records have been removed from it in order to prevent his release on medical grounds. He is reportedly suffering from severe internal and external haemorrhoids, acute gastritis, chronic sinusitis, chest infections, and sight threatening cataracts. He has also stated that he would go on hunger- strike.

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