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Further information on UA 77/93 (AMR 51/22/93, 19 March; and follow-ups AMR 51/29/93, 7 April; AMR 51/37/93, 29 April; AMR 51/38/93, 6 May; AMR 51/43/93, 19 May; AMR 51/47/93, 3 June; AMR 51/48/93, 4 June; AMR 51/63/93, 7 July; AMR 51/76/93, 10 August and

, N° d'index: AMR 51/078/1993

The stay of execution granted by a state court on 13 August 1993 was upheld by the Texas High Court hours before Graham's execution was due to take place. A spokesman for the Texas Attorney General's office has reportedly said that the stay would remain in force until all legal issues involved in the case are solved. The Board of Pardons and Paroles have thus far refused to hold any hearing into the case, despite the fact that earlier this month a judge ordered that such a hearing should be held.

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