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Further information on UA 204/92 (AMR 46/30/92, 19 June and follow-up AMR 46/33/92, 26 June) - Peru: ill-treatment / death in custody (new concerns): Yehude Simon Munaro, Luis Lora Muga, Armida Valladares Jara, Rosa Neyra Samalvides, Jose Antonio Alvarez

, N° d'index: AMR 46/057/1992

Fourteen of the above, including a pregnant woman, are reportedly being held in conditions which amount to ill-treatment. The women are being held in the Santa Monica Prison while the men are held in the Miguel Castro Castro Prison; most are members or staff of the officially-registered group Patria Libre. They were detained on 11 and 12 June 1992. All have reportedly been charged under new anti-terrorism laws of having links with the outlawed MRTA. One, Carlos Rivera Retis, has died in prison: he ws suffering from a renal infection. Another prisoner, Yehude Simon Munaro, has told AI that he is almost starving to death: he has allegedly lost 15 kilos and is suffering low blood pressure. Family visits are permitted only once a month. Gustavo Polanco has been released.

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