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UA 151/93 - Haiti: fear of "disappearance": Joseph Winy Brutus

, N° d'index: AMR 36/017/1993

There is concern for the safety of Joseph Winy Brutus, the Treasurer of the Parti National Democratique et Progressite d'Haiti, PNDPH, who is reported to have "disappeared" on 5 May 1993. According to reports, he had recently been receiving threats because of his political activism and denouncements he had made abroad of the human rights situation in Haiti. The PNDPH forms part of the Front National pour le Changement et la Democratie, FNCD, some of whose members have also "disappeared" or been the victims of apparent extrajudicial execution. These include Camille Cesar and Camille Bazile, killed in October 1991, and Morange Dejean, the driver of an FNCD senator, who has been "disappeared" since July 1992 (see UA 336/91, AMR 36/20/91 and UA 220/92, AMR 36/35/92)

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