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UA 273/93 - Guatemala: fear for safety: street children in Guatemala City including: Jose Humberto Sandoval Guillo, Carlos Mayen, Axel Danilo Vasquez, Juan Carlos Calderon, Henry Molina, Fransisco Tziac

, N° d'index: AMR 34/054/1993

In the early hours of 8 August four policemen in civilian clothes beat two street children, Carlos Mayen and Axel Danilo Vasquez, outside the hotel "La Estacion" in Zone 1 in Guatemala City and shot at their feet. The noise woke up another street youth Jose Humberto Sandoval Guillo, who urged the police to stop. When the police ran off he gave chase and was shot in the face; he was later transferred to hospital and is undergoing treatment. Also on 8 August three street children, Juan Carlos Calderon, Henry Molina and Fransisco Tziac were sleeping close to the Covenant House refuge (Casa Alianza) when three police in uniform searched them and poured glue from two jars over their heads. A Covenant House worker who intervened was later placed under surveillance.

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