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Further information on EXTRA 31/93 (AMR 29/04/93, 17 March; and follow-ups AMR 29/05/93, 19 March; AMR 29/06/93, 22 March; AMR 29/07/93, 23 March; and AMR 29/08/93, 29 March) - El Salvador: legal concern: Supreme Court to hear legal challenge against amne

, N° d'index: AMR 29/010/1993

On 21 April 1993, a Salvadorian non-governmental human rights group presented a petition (recurso de inconstitucionalidad) to the Supreme Court challenging the Ley de Amnistia General para la Consolidacion de la Paz, (General Amnesty Law for the Consolidation of Peace) as unconstitutional.

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