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Colombia: Further information on "disappearance" / fear for safety: John Ricardo Ubate Monroy, Gloria Bogota (f); and new names: Astrid Liliana Gonzalez Jaramillo (f), Sandra del Pilar Ubate Monroy (f)

, N° d'index: AMR 23/053/1995

Astrid Liliana Gonzalez Jaramillo and Sandra del Pilar Ubate Monroy, the fiancee and sister respectively of John Ricardo Ubate Monroy, have reportedly received death threats and been warned not to testify in the investigations into the "disappearance" of John Ricardo Ubate Monroy and Gloria Bogota. The two women have also reportedly been kept under constant surveillance by the authorities. AI is concerned for their safety, given that in the past those attempting to investigate violations by members of the security forces have themselves suffered violations.

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