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UA 353/93 - Sudan: flogging / legal concern: Kamal Mekki Medani, Mamoun Mekki Medani, Al-Haj Mekki Medani, Hisham El Kareb, Gaafar Mohamed Ahmed, Mohamad al-Amin Gaith, Amir al-Tilib, Salah Disougi, Abdin Miheisi, Kamal Ahmad Saleh

, N° d'index: AFR 54/036/1993

A Public Order Court in Wad Medani has imposed a sentence of 40 lashes by flogging on the 10 men named above. The men who were arrested on 2 September 1993, reportedly without a warrant, at a private house, were convicted on 11 September 1993 of consuming alcohol. It is believed that the house was raided because of the political activities of Amin Mekki Medani, a family member in exile. At their trial the men were not allowed to call witnesses in their defence, nor to read their own defence statement. Medical evidence concerning alcohol levels in their bloodstream was ignored. At the trial a security officer admitted having beaten Kamal Mekki Medani, but it is reported that the authorities have not taken any disciplinary action against him.

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