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Mauritania: Fear of ill-treatment / legal concern

, N° d'index: AFR 38/001/1996

Memed Ould Ahmed, Mohamed Yehdid Ould Breidelil, Hamada Ould Beddy, Mohamed Ould Bowba, Cheikh Ould Ouda'a, Cheikh Ould Bouasria, Abdellahi Ould M'Hamed, Bah Ould Bah, Issa Ould Bellal, El Arbi Ould Moulaye Zeine, Ahmed Ould Mohamed Brahim, Didi Ould Weissat, Baba Ould Ahmed Legraa, Cheikhna Ould Sakrhawi, Nahi Ould Nahi and others: All 52 people arrested in October 1995, charged with membership of an illegal organisation and creating a political movement contrary to the law on the formation of political parties, have been acquitted and released.

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