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Kenya: Further information on fear of torture while being illegally detained: Patrick Wangamati:

, N° d'index: AFR 32/068/1997

Patrick Wangamati was released without charge on 3 December 1997.

EXTERNAL AI Index: AFR 32/68/97
9 December 1997
Further information on EXTRA 160/97 (AFR 32/63/97, 26 November 1997) - Fear
of Torture while being Illegally Detained
KENYAPatrick Wangamati, businessman, aged over 60
Patrick Wangamati was released without charge on 3 December 1997. He had been
detained incommunicado without charge since his arrest at Nairobi airport on
6 October. This far exceeded the legal limit for detention without charge
of 24 hours or 14 days for capital crimes.
Patrick Wangamati had returned to Kenya from Ghana where he had been granted
refugee status. A businessman in Western Kenya, he had fled to Uganda in 1994
and was resettled to Ghana by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
after being accused of membership of an illegal organization, the February
Eighteenth Movement. On arrival in Kenya he was arrested, taken to Buru Buru
police station in Nairobi, and then transferred to the Police Criminal
Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters for interrogation. He was held
in various different police stations before being released eight weeks and
three days later.
Many thanks to all who sent appeals which are believed to have played an important
part in the release of Patrick Wangamati. One of his relatives informed AI
that “your protest was very helpful”. Partipants may send a final round of
letters and faxes:
- welcoming the release of Patrick Wangamati;
- expressing deep concern that he was held incommunicado without charge far
beyond the limit allowed by Kenyan law;
- urging that an investigation be carried out into his illegal detention and
for those responsible to be brought to justice. Asking to be kept informed
of the results of this investigation.
Commissioner Duncan Kabethi Wachira
Commissioner of Police
PO Box 30083, Nairobi, Kenya
Salutation: Dear Commissioner
Mr Amos Wako
Attorney General
PO Box 40112
Nairobi, Kenya
Faxes: + 254 2 211082
Salutation: Dear Attorney General
Director Noah arap Too
Criminal Investigation Department
c/o Kenya Police Headquarters
PO Box 30083
Nairobi, Kenya
Faxes: + 254 2 330495 (if voice, ask for fax tone)
and to diplomatic representatives of Kenya accredited to your country.

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