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Further information on UA 409/92 (AFR 24/14/92, 22 December) - Equatorial Guinea: torture and legal concern: over 100 people including: Celestino Bacale, Pedro Esono, Maximo Miko, Arsenio Moro, Angel Obama and new names: Father Luis Maria Ondo Maye and Fa

, N° d'index: AFR 24/002/1993

Over 100 prisoners arrested on 17 December, including those named above, were released between 19 and 29 December 1992. There are indications that most, if not all, were severely beaten or tortured in detention. Among the most seriously ill as a result of torture are Celestino Bacale, Arsenio Moro and the two Catholic priests mentioned above. Permission for the injured to leave the country tor medical treatment has so far been refused by the authorities.

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