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Cameroon: Further information on torture and ill-treatment / possible prisoners of conscience and new concern: medical concern / death in custody: reports of torture amid large-scale arrests

, N° d'index: AFR 17/009/1997

There remains serious concern about the health and safety of an estimated 200 people or more, who have been arrested since violent incidents occurred in North-West Province in late March 1997. Most are held incommunicado and many are reported to have been tortured and ill-treated at the time of their arrest and during detention. One person, Samuel Tita, is reported to have died in detention on about 1 May 1997 as a result of torture. Others reportedly detained sustained serious injuries at the time of their arrest, including bullet and bayonet wounds, and there is concern that they are being denied access to medical treatment. Most of those arrested are members or supporters of the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) and they are currently detained without charge or trial.

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