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UA News September 1995: Urgent Action Newsletter

, N° d'index: ACT 60/002/1995

1. Women under attack, urgent actions and the Fourth UN World Conference on Women; 2. Street action; 3. Dodging the issue, Palestinian prisoner 'Abd al-Samed Harizat died in detention in Israeli custody, increasing AI's fears about torture in Israeli detention centres; 4-5. Protecting the truth-seekers, the UA network's role in the fight against impunity in Latin America; 6-7. News in brief; Turkey, message from lawyer Mahmut Sakar; Saudi Arabia, UA network's outrage at alarming number of executions; Taiwan, appeals against the death sentence of Su Chien-ho, Liu Ping-lang and Chuang Lin-hsiung; Mexico, thank you message from CADHAC; Thailand, feedback on case of Maung Kyan; Burkina Faso, reply from Burkina Faso concerning deaths of two students in demonstration; Turkey, Response of Turkish officials to UA activists; Tunisia, honorary law degree awarded to Najib Hosni, human rights lawyer still in detention; Morocco, message from Mohamed El Boukili on AI's letter-writing work; USA, message of thanks from brother of R.K Allridge whose brother was executed in June; 8. Junior Urgent Action

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