South Korea: Prisoner of conscience Baik Tae-ung

Baik Tae-ung, 31-year-old leader of Sanomaeng (Socialist Workers’ League), is serving a 15-year prison sentence under the National Security Law (NSL). On 27 October 1992 he was sentenced to life imprisonment by Seoul District Court but this was reduced on appeal. He is a prisoner of conscience, held solely for exercising his rights of freedom of expression and association without using or advocating violence. He was arrested on 29 April 1992 by the Agency for National Security Planning (ANSP), and interrogated for 22 days, during which time it is alleged he was beaten, deprived of sleep, and given a chemical to weaken him during interrogation. These allegations are consistent with those made by other Sanomaeng members arrested since 1990, including Sanomaeng leader Park No-hae.

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