Colombia: Human rights violations against members of indigenous communities in Caldas Department in 1988

Amnesty International’s concerns about human rights abuses against members of indigenous communities (descended from the Supia and Katio Indian groups) in Caldas and about the apparent lack of progress in official inquiries into them are recorded in this document. The abuses described here apparently followed the militarization of many municipalities after the killing of Hernan Londono, a coffee plantation owner, allegedly by the Ejercito Popular de Liberacion, (EPL). Eight cases are described here: Rey Marua Salazar Tapasco, died in detention; Fabian de Jesus Bueno Bueno, Orlando de Jesus Bueno Tapasco, Jaime Ganan Largo, Hernan de Jesus Marin Rojas, Gloria Ines Ganan Blandon, Jose Nicolas Ganan Tapasco and Balduvino Ganan Andica, all “disappeared”.

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