Sierra Leone: legal concern / health concern: 264 political detainees at the Central Prison, Pademba Road, Freetown, including: Bockarie Babay, Alhaja Kallon, Finda Mbriwa, Sahid Mohamed Sesay

When Amnesty International representatives visited Pademba Road Prison in early May 1993, they found 264 political detainee, including nine women, being held there in incommunicado detention without charge or trial. About 20 detainees had been held since 1991, when they were captured following an invasion by rebel forces from Liberia. They originally numbered 570, most of them having died from torture, starvation or medical neglect. At least seven prisoners are reported to have died in the first week of May 1993. Others were detained after the government of Captain Strasser came to power following a coup in April 1992. Some appear to be held in administrative detention under emergency legislation introduced in May 1992. Others appear to be held in unlawful detention.

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