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Yemen: Ratification without implementation: the state of human rights in Yemen

, N° d'index: MDE 31/001/1997

Despite the fact that Yemen has ratified or acceded to most human rights treaties and incorporated many of their safeguards into its domestic legislation, it remains a major human rights violator. Violations such as arbitrary political arrest, extrajudicial execution, "disappearances", and discrimination against women occur in a climate of impunity. Suspected political opponents are frequently targeted for administrative detention and lengthy incommunicado detention which facilitates the systematic use of torture. Judicial punishments of flogging, amputation and other bodily mutilation are widespread and are still imposed after unfair trials. The use of the death penalty is on the increase. Government policy and practice with respect to refugees are also in violation of international standards. Serious human rights abuses, including deliberate and arbitrary killings, have been committed by armed political groups, apparently on the basis of political or religious beliefs. Amnesty International is calling on the government to implement the recommendations contained within this report.

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