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Further information on UA 66/94 (MDE 30/05/94, 22 February) - Tunisia: fear of torture in illegally prolonged incommunicado detention: Ali Mabouj

, N° d'index: MDE 30/008/1994

Ali Mabouj, who was arrested on 6 February 1994, is not longer being held in garde a vue police detention. However, there remains concern that he may still be at risk of ill-treatment, and may still not be granted full access to his family and lawyer. He had spent 17 days in incommunicado garde a vue detention, which is far in excess of the maximum 10 days allowed under Tunisian law. His family and lawyer are hoping to be able to visit him without delay. He has reportedly been charged with belonging to an illegal organization, and is due to be tried on 31 March. His treatment while incommunicado is currently unknown.

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