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Further information on UA 277/93 (MDE 30/08/93, 18 August; and follow-ups MDE 30/10/93, 27 August; MDE 30/12/93, 6 September; MDE 30/13/93, 28 September and MDE 30/14/93, 1 October) - Tunisia: fear of torture: Salaheddine Zikikout

, N° d'index: MDE 30/004/1994

Salaheddine Zikikout was sentenced on 21 October 1993 to 18 months' imprisonment for membership of an unauthorized organization and the unauthorized collection of funds. The sentence was upheld on appeal on 18 January 1994. There is concern at allegations that he was ill-treated in illegally prolonged incommunicado detention, and that both the Court of First Instance and the Appeal Court failed to order an investigation into these allegations. Amnesty International believes that he should be retried or released.

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