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Morocco: Continued detention of three brothers who "disappeared" in 1973 (STOP PRESS: released 30 December 1991)

, N° d'index: MDE 29/033/1991

Midhat Rene Bourequat, Bayazid Jacques Bourequat and Ali Auguste Bourequat, three brothers of French nationality, were arrested in Rabat in July 1973 and have since been detained "garde a vue". For at least part of the time they were held in secret detention in Tazmamert, where conditions are known to have been very harsh. The Bourequat borthers have never been tried or charged with any recognizable offence and it is believed that they may be held solely on account of their father's connection with the Moroccan counter-espionage services. The Tazmamert detention centre was reportly demolished in September 1991. It is not known where the brothers were then moved to. Two of them are feared to be extremely ill.

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