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Morocco and Western Sahara: Fear of torture / unfair trial: Ahmed El Kouri, Nebt Ramdane Bouchraya, Arbi Brahim Baba, Cheykhatou Bouh, M'Rabih Rabou Neysan, Abdel'hay Lekhal, Mahfoud Brahim Dahou, Salama Ahmed Lembarki, all male, aged 18-20

, N° d'index: MDE 29/004/1995

AI fears that the above named young men, all prisoners of conscience, are at risk of further torture and ill-treatment in detention. They were arrested on 11 May 1995 following a peaceful demonstration in Laayoune in support of the Polisario Front. They were tried on 21 June by a military court and sentenced to between 15 and 20 years on charges of threatening the external security and territorial integrity of the country. The trial was conducted in camera. The defendants alleged that they had been tortured in pre-trial detention and forced to sign confessions. These statements were disregarded. The prisoners do not have the right to appeal; their case will be reviewed by the Supreme Court through "cassation". AI is calling for their immediate and unconditional release.

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