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UA 365/93 - Algeria: death penalty / summary or arbitrary executions: Allam Abdennour (also known as Amir Noe), Mohamed Assad, Messaoud Boutheldja, Mohamed Hassen, Farid Fares, Ahmed Malek, Mohamed Belbachir, Azzedine Choulab, Zohair Boudhfar, Bouznad Hao

, N° d'index: MDE 28/017/1993

13 people were executed on 11 October by firing squad after being convicted in grossly unfair trials. At least 150 others on death row face imminent execution. The first seven named above were sentenced to death at the Algiers Special Court on 20 March 1993. At the trial their lawyers were denied access to them and to their case files, and the defendants allege that they were tortured in pre-trial incommunicado detention. The six others were sentenced to death in similarly unfair trials by the Special Courts of Oran and Constantine. Their families and lawyers received no response to pleas for clemency and were not informed of the executions.

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