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Further information on UA 257/93 (MDE 28/09/93, 5 August; and follow-up MDE 28/11/93, 13 August) - Algeria: fear of torture in prolonged incommunicado detention: Mohamced Yassine Simozrag, Mohieddine and Ahmed Derouiche

, N° d'index: MDE 28/012/1993

Mohieddine and Ahmed Derouiche, arrested on 19 July and 27 July 1993 respectively, continue to be held in incommunicado detention beyond the 12- day maximum period allowed under Algerian emergency laws. Mohamced Yassine Simozrag is being held in Al-Harrach prison. On 18 August he was visited by his family and lawyer, and he told them he had been tortured whilst incommunicado. He was reportedly bruised and bore marks of torture. He said that he had been tortured by the chiffon method.

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