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Further information on UA 146/92 (MDE 28/02/92, 7 May and follow-up MDE 28/05/93, 27 January) - Algeria: death penalty: Aissa Messaoudi (also known as Tayeb El Afghani), Lazhar Amar, Mohamed Nguia, Bechir Rezig, Ahmed Osman, Kamel Rukhe, Antar Tera, Tayeb

, N° d'index: MDE 28/007/1993

Aissa Messaoudi, Bechir Rezig, Khalid Khessous and Jamal Bou Djelkha have been executed. The other eight prisoners named above have had their sentences commuted to life imprisonment after a presidential pardon. All 12 were convicted in May 1992 of participating in an attack against a border post.

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