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Further information on UA 385/91 (MDE 24/08/91, 11 November and follow-ups MDE 24/08/92, 1 May, MDE 24/10/92, 12 May and MDE 24/26/92, 1 September) - Syria: death of former prisoner of conscience: Dr Nour al-Din al-Atassi

, N° d'index: MDE 24/028/1992

Dr Nour al-Din al-Atassi, former President of Syria, died of cancer on 3 December 1992 in Paris. A former prisoner of conscience who had been detained without charge or trial since November 1970, he was released in August 1992 on grounds of ill-health. Fourteen other government and Ba'ath Party officials arrested after the coup of 1970 are still held without charge or trial in al-Mezze Prison.

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