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UA 292/93 - Syria: fear of torture / legal concern: Hassiba 'Abd al-Rahman, Asia Mahmud, Khadija Dib, Fadwa Mahmud, Tuhama Ma'ruf, Doha 'Ashur al- 'Askari

, N° d'index: MDE 24/007/1993

Hassiba 'Abd al-Rahman, a 34-year-old former prisoner of conscience, was arrested on 8 June 1993, possibly on suspicion of having links with the Party for Communist Action (PCA), an unauthorized political party. She is currently held in incommunicado detention. The five other women detainees named above are currently held in Duma Women's Prison in Damascus, some since March 1992. They are reportedly being tried by the Supreme State Security Court (SSSC), together with more than 500 other political detainees and prisoners of conscience, facing charges of membership or links with various unauthorized political parties, including the PCA and the Kurdish Workers Party. They include Khadija Dib, also a former prisoner of conscience, and her husband, Qais Darwish, held since 1984.

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