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Medical letter writing action: Syria: Seven prisoners in need of medical care

, N° d'index: MDE 24/006/1991

Seven prisoners in Syria are reported to be in poor health and in need of medical care. They include four prisoners of conscience and three others who may have been arrested solely for their political sympathies. All were arrested for suspected involvement in the banned Party for Communist Action (PCA). The seven are: Mustafa Khalifa, held in Saidnaya Prison, Damascus; Munif Mulhim, held in Tadmur Military Prison, Lina al-Mir, held in Fara' Falastin detention centre, May al-Hafez, released from Fara' Falastin but rearrested shortly afterwards in October 1987, Akram al-Bunni, Nizar Maradni and Ghassan Qassis, all held in Fara' Falastin. Several of the prisoners suffer from health problems which are believed to result from earlier torture or other ill-treatment.

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