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Saudi Arabia: Further information on fear of ill-treatment / health concerns / possible prisoners of conscience

, N° d'index: MDE 23/008/1998

Farzana Kauzar, a Pakistani national and her children Mohamed Assad Ijaz, Fakeyha Ijaz and Mohamed Saad, were released from detention in Saudi Arabia on 27th July 1998 and have returned to Pakistan

PUBLIC AI Index: MDE 23/08/98
30 July 1998
Further information on UA 170/98 (MDE 23/04/98, 8 June 1998) - Fear of
ill-treatment / Health concerns / Possible prisoners of conscience
SAUDI ARABIAFarzana Kauzar, Pakistani mother aged 33 and her three children:
Mohamed Assad Ijaz, son, aged 3
Fakeyha Ijaz, daughter, aged 6
Mohamed Saad, son, aged 9
Farzana Kauzar and her three children, Pakistani nationals, who it had recently
been learnt were in secret detention or under restriction orders in Saudi Arabia,
were released on 27 July 1998 and have returned to Pakistan.
The release is reportedly conditional upon Farzana Kauzar returning to Saudi
Arabia in the near future to face alleged criminal charges.
Farzana Kauzar and her children were arrested on 8 October 1998, a day before
they were reportedly scheduled to travel to Pakistan in order to join the father,
Ahmed Mohamed Ijaz, also a Pakistani national.
It is likely that Farzana Kauzar and her children were prisoners of conscience
being held as hostages in order to force the return to Saudi Arabia of Ahmed
Mohamed Ijaz, who is reportedly sought by the authorities in connection with
a business dispute.
The Urgent Action network will be informed of any more information concerning
this case but no further action is requested at this stage. Many thanks to
all who sent appeals.

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