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Saudi Arabia: Fear of torture / possible prisoners of conscience

, N° d'index: MDE 23/008/1996

Abdullah Abbas al-Ahmad, aged 40, employee of Aramco, Kamil Abbas al-Ahmad, aged 25, universitiy student, Muhammad Ibrahim al-Ibrahim, aged 40, employee of Aramco, Nasser 'Ali Rahim, 39, employee of Aramco, Ali Hassan al-Dawood, 32, employee of Aramco: The above are among dozens of people who have reportedly been arrested and held in incommunicado detention without charge following the bombing of the King Abdul Aziz air base in al-Khobar on 25 June 1996 in which 19 US nationals were killed. The exact reasons for the arrests are not known but those targeted for arrest are said to be suspected political or religious opponents of the government. AI fears that the detainees, some or all of whom may be prisoners of conscience, are at risk of torture.

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