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Saudi Arabia: Further information on flogging

, N° d'index: MDE 23/007/1995

Mohammed 'Ali al-Sayyid, Egyptian national; and new names: Hamid Bin Nazal Bin Mahbub al-'Anzi, Riad Bin Kuleyb Bin Salim al-Mutay, Morris Bin Sayf al-Sahli, 'Abd al-'Aziz Bin Zayd al-Sahli, 'Abdullah Bin Muhammad al-'Anzi, 'Aday Bin Tayib al-'Anzi, Hamdan Bin Salih Bin Hadi al-Mukhlis, Nawaf Bin Farraj al-Harbi, Nadir Bin Fahid Bin Musfir al-Dawsari, Salih Bin Muslih al-Shahri, Mohammad Bin Abdullah al-Huta: Eleven people have been sentenced to prison terms of between 2 and 15 years with additional punishment of 200 -1,500 lashes each, to be carried out 50 lashes at a time. The first 50 lashes for each prisoner may have already been carried out. The 11 were found guilty of being members of a gang that kidnapped and raped boys, stole cars and robbed homes. Dhuweihi bin Mohammed bin Nasser al-Sahli, the man found guilty of being the gang's ringleader was reportedly executed in Riyadh on 8 September 1995. AI continues to be alarmed by the number of executions currently being carried out by the Saudi Arabian authorities.

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