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Lebanon: Fear of torture / legal concern:

, N° d'index: MDE 18/024/1997

Hikmat Dib, George Haddad, Tony Hard, Dani Aoun, Rabi' Trabulsi, Patrick Khouri, Wadi' Chukaid Ghurtubawi, Georges 'Attalah, Tony Munayber, Shafiq Sassin, Wasim Sa'b, Toni 'Attiq, Ziyad 'Absi, Elias Nimr Haddad, Elane Germani, Pierre Hayek, George Soma, Rita Kirouz, Bassam Latif, Nazar Khouri, Gilber Chahine, Rahi Sam'an, Michel Kirouz, Husam 'Unaysi and many others: The people named above, and many others, were reportedly arrested by the Lebanese security forces in east Beirut on 14 December 1997 as they demonstrated in front of the MTV television station to protest against the authorities' decision to ban the broadcast of a live interview with commander General 'Aoun. AI fears they may face torture or ill-treatment while held incommunicado.

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