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UA 192/93 - Kuwait: death penalty: 'Imad al-Din Mahmud Nimr, Muhammad 'Ali Ahmad Daifallah, Basil 'Ali Ahmad Daifallah, Akram Shaker Ahmad, al-Mu'taz Billah Muhammad Saleh, Muntasir Muhammad Saleh, Hussain Rashed Hussain, Mu'ayyed Yassin Hussain, Iyad Muh

, N° d'index: MDE 17/005/1993

On 12 June, Kuwait's State Security Court sentenced to death the ten men named above, who were charged with "collaboration" with Iraqi forces during the occupation of Kuwait. Charges against the men, who are all Jordanians of Palestinian origin, included "membership of the military wing of the hostile Arab Liberation Front (Jabhat al-Tahrir al''Arabiyya)" and "assisting militarily Iraq's Popular Army in Kuwait". Another Jordanian national charged with the same offices was sentenced to four years' imprisonment after the court took into account the fact that he was a minor at the time of the alleged offences.

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