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Further information on UA 180/93 (MDE 17/02/93, 4 June) - Kuwait: fear of death penalty / fear of torture: Ra'ad 'Abd al- Amir 'Abbud al-Asadi, Wali 'Abd al-Hadi 'Abd al-Hassan al-Ghazali, Salem Nasser Subaih Rumi al-Shummari, Bandar 'Ujail Jaber al-Shumm

, N° d'index: MDE 17/004/1993

On 5 June 1993, at the opening session of the trial of the above-named men charged with plotting to assassinate the former US president George Bush, the prosecution asked for the death penalty. AI is concerned that the men be given a fair trial and is calling on the authorities no to impose the death penalty.

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