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Israel and the Occupied Territories / Palestinian Authority: Fear of torture / legal concern

, N° d'index: MDE 15/059/1996

Muhammad Yussef Matir, Yasser Muhammad Hantashal, Muhammad Hussain Abu Hawash, Isma'il al-Haj Musa al-Hantashal, Mustapha Ibrahim Abu Hawash, Muhammad Juri Abu Hawash; Sami Yussef al-Matir, 'Ali Yussef al-Matir, Mahmoud Yussef al-Matir, Yassin Ibrahim Mahmoud Abu Hawash, Salim Ibrahim Mahmoud Abu Hawash, Ziyad Hassan 'Abd al-Fatah Abu Hawash, Musa Taleb Musa al-Rajoub, Bashir 'Ali Jabr al-Awawdeh, Fayez Muhammad Isma'il al-Shahtit, Huja Sulaiman Hussain Huja, Mahmoud 'Awdatallah Muhammad al-Darwish, Anwar Awda Muhammad al-Darwish, 'Issa Yussef al-Matir al-Darwish, 'Issa Yussef al-Matir al-Suwaiti, Yussef Muhammad Khalil al-Suwaiti, Hashem Muhammad Isma'il al-Hamamari, aged 24, paraplegic : The first six individuals named above were arrested by the Palestinian Authority between 6 and 8 August and are being held incommunicado by the Palestinian Preventive Security. The 16 others named above were arrested by the Israeli authorities. Amnesty International is concerned that some of the detainees may be moved to be interrrogated, which would put them at risk or torture. Others may be issued with administrative detention orders.

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