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Israel and the Occupied Territories: Further information: torture / ill-treatment:

, N° d'index: MDE 15/029/1992

Ahmad Sulayman Musa Qatamesh is still in the interrogation wing of Ramallah Prison, although apparently no longer under interrogation. On 8 November 1992 he was brought before a military judge, who extended his detention for another 15 days, the fourth such extension he has received. His health is reportedly still poor, though somewhat improved in that he has regained his sight after receiving medication from an ICRC doctor. The Israeli Embassy in the USA has circulated statements alleging, inter alia, that Ahmad Qatamesh is a leading figure in the PFLP and that he had initially declined a visit from his attorney; this has been disputed by his lawyer. Two other political detainees, Ahmad al-Batsh and Ahmad Sa'dat 'Abd al-Rasul, have reportedly been ill-treated in custody.

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